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WAYFINDING /’wā,fīndING/ v.

1. Understanding where you are
2. Choosing where you want to be
3. Finding the Way to get there
What Do We Do?

What does Wayfinding look like? It takes us in many directions. Looking for something specific? Our site has a few sections:


Podcast Episode 18 – Productive Conflict

Conflict can be really destructive at the workplace. It’s important to have teams who get along, but in our quest to minimize friction, sometimes we go too far. In fact, some conflict is productive and necessary to do our best work. In this episode, we’ll talk about determining the difference between productive conflict and destructive […]

Podcast Episode 17 – Gamify Your Workplace

One of our favorite ways to improve culture, efficiency and solve a broad array of workplace issues is with Gamification. By building the right game, we can encourage the changes we’re trying to make, and help our teams have fun while they work. It’s a great way to combine team-building, learning and some processes that […]

Podcast Episode 16 – Managing Conflict

In Episode 16, we talked about a common subject of discussion for us – Conflict Management. We believe that the basis of almost every conflict is the issue of misaligned realities. If Phase 0 of conflict management is the recognition that we’re working from misaligned realities, the goal then is to progress to phase 1, […]