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WAYFINDING /’wā,fīndING/ v.

1. Understanding where you are
2. Choosing where you want to be
3. Finding the Way to get there
What Do We Do?

What does Wayfinding look like? It takes us in many directions. Looking for something specific? Our site has a few sections:


Podcast Episode 13 – Respect, Authority and Deference

We hear the word ‘Respect,’ a lot when we’re talking to people about work. We find that everyone uses that word a little differently. It’s easy to conflate several different concepts into a single word. Depending on your generation, your workplace, and the context of your current situation, we find that when we say ‘Respect,’ […]

The Value of Good Photos and Video

Our website had humble beginnings – I think it’s likely that many of us can relate to that. We start a company, and in this day and age, it’s generally apparent that some kind of web presence is important. Often, our first web site is more of an electronic business card than anything. While we’ve […]

Arcade’s newest offering – App Development

If you are a dedicated follower of Arcade, you may have noticed it’s been a little quiet around the blog lately. Sometimes kids get sick, family visits, or life just get in the way – it’s a reality of trying to generate regular content while continuing to wear so many other hats. However, this time, […]