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WAYFINDING /’wā,fīndING/ v.

1. Understanding where you are
2. Choosing where you want to be
3. Finding the Way to get there
What Do We Do?

What does Wayfinding look like? It takes us in many directions. Looking for something specific? Our site has a few sections:


Episode 46 – Giving Thanks

This week, we are talking about the sometimes complicated topic of being grateful. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, you know that while we’re all enjoying a giant holiday meal with whatever your family’s favorite dishes may be, the underlying meaning of the holiday is right in the name – giving thanks. We’re talking about why some […]

Episode 45 – PM Software

This week, we’re talking about one of Jason’s pet peeves – Project Management Software. We see all kinds of PM Software issues, from software that we have to continually work around, to software that just doesn’t do what we want it to do. In this episode we’re going to talk about why that happens and […]

Episode 44 – Do Something That Terrifies You!

Last week, we were the ‘Big Top’ Sponsors for ABC’s circus themed Fall Event, and we promised a surprise. We had a lot of fun with the sponsorship, the event and this episode. We’re talking about: Taking the Risks that we’ve always wanted to take The times when you have to just take a leap […]