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WAYFINDING /’wā,fīndING/ v.

1. Understanding where you are
2. Choosing where you want to be
3. Finding the Way to get there
What Do We Do?

What does Wayfinding look like? It takes us in many directions. Looking for something specific? Our site has a few sections:


Mary’s Perspective – The Changing World

It’s been a busy September. During summer break I always try to schedule as many fun outings as I can while I have the kids’ attention. For whatever reason, this summer was quiet. I kept searching for concert tickets, movies, whatever I could find, and everything I found kept being in September. I’d buy tickets, […]

September / October Simple Site Promotion

As the weather turns cooler, the rain starts again and the breakneck pace of summer starts to slow, many construction companies take a moment for some organizational tidying. Often, an easy item to identify as needing work is the company website. Whether you don’t have a site yet at all or you have a site […]

Podcast Episode 8 – What do you need to know about your website?

As we become increasingly dependent on the internet to reach out to new customers, the vast array of decisions that go into building your web presence can be hard to navigate, especially when you’re focused on turning the crank in your actual IRL business. In this episode, we talk about getting to the bottom of […]